Zone of Silence

La Zona Del Silencio, by Richard Ogulnick

The Zone of Silence is located between the 26th and 28th parallels, along the 104th meridian. Its area is unknown, but has been roughly estimated as a circle with a radius of 50 kilometers, and the center is the Vertice de Trino, a point which marks the juncture of the states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua.

The Zone of Silence is part of the great Mapimi Basin, one of the most important depressions in the Mexican highlands, which drop from an average of 2,000 to 1,000 meters above sea level, thus forming the beginning of the prairies of western North America.

In the 1960's, an engineer by the name of Harry Augusto de la Pena was assigned to explore the area, now known as the Zone of Silence, by PEMEX, the Mexican state petroleum industry. By chance, he discovered that there were certain places where it was impossible to communicate by radio. Scientific curiosity led him to investigate the phenomenon further, and his findings caused quite a stir.

In 1975 the Historical Studies society of Chihuahua focused attention on the Zone with a program of research, seminars and conferences. The University of Guadalajara sent 30 investigators to the area, including biologists, geologists, and zoologists. The University of Monclova explored and tested for iron ore in the region. According to de la Pena the results were positive. It was also confirmed that Geiger counters register high concentrations of energy in the area.

In 1976, the National Institute of Nuclear Energy sent two engineers to the Zone: Ray Cruz, winner of the National Science Prize, and Jorge Aguilera, an expert in electronic design. Their studies were focused on Hertzian waves and showed that the horizontal propagation of radio waves was normal but that the vertical was cut off completely, thus causing the phenomenon of "silence." These scientists concluded that this anomaly was not a function of position, but of time [emphasis added].

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It is called Silent Zone because of a myth which states that radio waves cannot be transmitted due to local magnetic fields. The Silent Zone frequently is compared to the Bermuda Triangle, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sacred Cities of Tibet, all being located between parallels 26 and 28.

Popular, though undocumented, myths about The Silent Zone:

  • Inside the zone you cannot hear the conversations of other people
  • This place was an UFO landing spot
  • This was a pole where earth energy was concentrated, and that in the other side of the world a place like this existed

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