1297: Gradenigo's decree (p247)

c1400: Sfinciuno Itinerary (p249)

1660: Niccolo escapes mirrorworks (p571)

1669: 1st report of Iceland spar (p250)

c1680: calcite rush in Iceland; Penhallows' fortune launched (p128)

1808: Malus discovers polarised light via Iceland spar (p126)

1844? Scarsdale Vibe born (p100)

no-date: RW Vibe born (p161)

1849: Kieselguhr Kid's family to San Antonio, according to legend (p171)

1850? Webb Traverse born in south Pennsylvania (p87) to Cooley Traverse (p105)

no-date: Merle Rideout born (p28)

no-date: Vanderjuice in Denver (p???)

no-date: Vdj in Indpls w/Ray (p29)

1861: 12 Apr: start of US Civil War

1862: 18yo Scarsdale Vibe (sophomore at Yale) gets draft notice (p100)

no-date: Edwarda Beef born (p161)

1865: 9 Apr: end of US Civil War

1865: Webb tempted to stay with Teresa in Ohio (p87)

no-date: 12yo Mayva to Olathe carnival (p471)

1871: Garcons de '71 (p19)

1876: Telluride founded

1877? Cleveland library opens stacks (p65)

1878: Leadville founded (p88)

1878: Treaty of Berlin

1878? c34yo Scarsdale Vibe marries c16yo Edwarda Beef (p161)

1879? Fleetwood Vibe born (pp159-160)

1879: Leadville gets gaslight; Webb marries Mayva (p88) meets Veikko (p89)

1880: Reef Traverse born (p89)

1880? Sloat Fresno born (p477)

1880? Cragmont Vibe born (pp159, 161)

1881: Colfax Vibe born (p158)

1881: Frank Traverse born

1882? Foley approaches Vibe (p100)

1882: Kit Traverse born (p99)

1883: Lake Traverse born (p192)

1883: 26 Aug: Krakatoa explodes (p506)

1886: Haymarket riots (p25, 111)

1886: 01 May: nationwide strike for 8-hour day (p82?)

no-date: Merle is mechanic (p64)

1887: Merle and Vanderjuice in Connecticut (p58)

1887: July: Michelson-Morley experiment (p62)

1887: August: Merle in Columbus, Ohio (p65)

1888: Bert Snidell killed (p357)

1888: early summer: Merle meets Erlys (p506)

no-date: Lew in Kankakee (p184)

no-date: Deuce in Decatur (p673)

1889? 01 Jan? Dahlia Rideout born (p507)

1889: Erlys runs off with Zombini (p69)

1890: Silver Purchase Act starts silver boom

1890: silver strike in Creede, Colorado

1890? Dick Counterfly, carpetbagger (p7)

1890: Chums in Hawaii (p15)

no-date: Traverses visit Denver, Colorado Springs, Pike's Peak (pp89, 99)

1891: goldrush in Cripple Creek, Colorado

1891? Webb's transformative meeting with Moss (p86)

no-date: Edwarda separates (p161)

1892: Leadville revives? (p89)

1892: Homestead strike

1892: 11 July: Coeur d'Alene bullpens (p82)

1893: repeal of Silver Act ends silver boom (p89)

1893? 13yo Cragmont Vibe marries circus girl (p159)

1893: spring: Bindlestiffs at Mt. Etna (p19)

1893: April/May: US financial panic

1893: 01 May: Chicago expo opens

no-date: White City Investigations founded, Lew Basnight hired

1893: Chums in New Orleans (p29), joined by Chick (p7)

1893: July: F. Turner speaks at Expo (p52)

no-date: AtD opens (p3); Lew joins Chums (p36)

1893: Oct: Lew to Denver (p52)

1893: 30 Oct: Expo closes

1893: Jimmy sees 10yo Lake at Ice Palace (p314)

no-date: Webb digs coal in Huerfano, later Montrose (p90)

no-date: Deuce in Decatur (p673) is Sickly Youth (p193)

1894: April: Coxey's Army

1894: Pullman strike

no-date: Reef and Frank work in mines (p90)

1895: Deuce and 15yo Sloat partners at Cripple Creek (pp195, 477)

no-date: Reef reads Chums in NM jail (p214)

1897? Yashmeen to TWIT (p222)

1898: Fashoda incident (V)

1899: Apr: Sidney Stencil in Florence ponders 'V' (V)

1899: 18 May: Tesla arrives in Colorado Springs

1899: Chums to antipodes (p107)

1899: Willis heads west (p309)

1899: 02 July: Kit to Colorado Springs (p99)

1899: 03 July: Tesla's vision

1899: after October: Fleetwood in Africa (p159)

1899/1900: Vormance expedition (p114)

1899/1900: Kit to Yale (p106)

1899/1900: late-Nov: Kit meets Vibe (p156)

1899/1900: NYC destroyed

1900: winter: Ma Kindred dies (p475)

1900: Morgan finances Tesla to $150,000 (Long Island construction site across from Yale)

1900? Lew confronts Nate, meets Webb; Cyclomite (p181)

1900: Kodak Brownie (p72)

1900: Aug: Perseids; Lew is rescued by N+N (p186)

1900: 07 Sept: Neville, Nigel and Lew sail for England (p. 187)

1900: 8 September: Galveston hurricane (p187)

1900: Oct: Yashmeen to Girton (p230)

no-date: Merle and Dally head west (p75)

1901: Herbert Stencil born (V)

1901: Torpedo strike (p193)

1901: May: Hough excavates Anasazi

1901? 04 July: Webb and Veikko blow bridge (p96)

1901: 05 Sept: McKinley assassinated

no-date: Frank in Golden mine school (pp199, 306)

no-date: Deuce in Butte? (p193)

1901: 13 Dec: (to 04 March 1902) the Ashes (p236)

1902: June: Tesla relocates to Long Island

1902: 14 July: Venice Campanile collapses

1902? Lake and Mayva leave Webb (p192)

1903: Reef and Frank with Stray in Nochecita

1903: Webb befriends Deuce (p193), dies (p198)

1903: 28 April: Gibbs dies (p318)

1903: 14yo Dally to NYC (p336)

1903: Merle to Candlebrow (p451)

1903: Jesse Traverse born (p218)

1903: Premo film pack (p72)

1903: Kit with Tesla on Long Island (p322)

1903: Nov: military occupation of Telluride? (p266)

no-date: Wren excavates Anasazi (p277)

1903: Zombinis to Venice (p357) Kit and Yashmeen to Gottingen

1903? Oct: Chums in Belgium (p549)

1904: 10 Feb: (to Aug 1905) Russo-Japanese War (p318)

1904: 17 Feb: "Madame Butterfly" premieres

1904: St Louis Fair

no-date: Reef in New Orleans (p367)

1904/1905: Frank in Mexico (p374)

1905: Frank shoots Sloat (p922)

1905: 24 Feb: Simplon tunnel diaster (p652)

1905: March: (to May 1906) 1st Moroccan crisis (p713)

1905: 05 Dec: Charing Cross Station roof collapse (p662)

1907: July: Strauss's Salome (p626)

1907: 23 Jul: 15th anniversary of Frick assasination attempt (p737)

1907: 31 Aug: Anglo-Russian Entente (p618)

1907: Christian Socialists triple representation in Reichstag (p807)

1908-1909: Lenin in Geneva (p616)

1908: Feb? Bosnia railway concession (p841)

1908: 30 Jun: Tunguska meteor (p779)

1908: 06 July: Young Turks revolution (p809)

1908: Austria annexes Bosnia (p806)

1908: 15 Sept: Tsar approves annexation of Bosnia (p844)

1910: Bela Lugosi plays Romeo (p914)

1910: Tallis Fantasia premiered (p896)

1911: 06 March: Battle of Casas Grandes (p919)

1911: Holy Week, 1911: Frank in Chihuahua (p919)

1911: October: Wren leaves for Juarez (p930)

1911: 06 Nov: Madero in Presidential Palace (p982)

1912: 18 Oct: Serbia et al invade Macedonia (p963)

1912: Dec: Balkan War ceasefire (p972)

1913: Huerta coup (p994)

1914: 20 Apr: Ludlow massacre (p1015)

1915: Dally marries Kit (p1067)


Leadville got gas and Webb married Mayva in 1879. Their kids were born one per year until Lake in 1883. Lake is 19 when Webb kicks her out, and he dies in 1903.

If Merle was in Columbus, Ohio without Erlys in August 1887, and courted Erlys in Cleveland in early summer, that must have been 1888, so Dally wasn't born until around 01 Jan 1889, making her 14yo in 1903.

How can this be, when we learn that Erlys was a pregnant widow when she met Merle? That means it was late 1888. We also know Dally's birth year bec/ at the Chicago Fair she is 4 years old. [Owl of Minerva]

Pynchon's chronology for the 1893 Expo is overcrowded.

He's confused about Tesla's 1899 vision (03 July) and Colorado Springs experiments (later that year), and he seems to locate Webb's 04 July bombing in 1899 though Veikko's card is from August 1900, so it has to be 04 July 1901 or later.

The Stupendica leaves NYC in 1903, but when the passengers arrive it almost seems to be/become 1905 instead.

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