The Habsburgs in Against the Day

A selection of Habsburgs, with AtD figures in bold italic:

  • Franz Joseph I (1830-1916; sometimes anglicized as Francis Joseph) became Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary, King of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, King of Bohemia in 1848 and occupied the throne until his death; even the Wikipedia entry, which seeks to be exhaustive, resorts to "etc." in the list of his titles
  • Rudolph (1858-1889), Crown Prince, Franz Joseph's son, who died, apparently by suicide, with his mistress Mary Vetsera at the Mayerling hunting lodge
  • Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph (1832-1867), Franz Joseph's brother, set up as Emperor Maximilian of Mexico 1864-67 with French backing, executed
  • Karl Ludwig (1833-96), Franz Joseph's brother, from whom the rest of the Habsburgs descended
  • Karl I (1888-1922), Otto's elder son, who succeeded Franz Joseph as Emperor and King (abdicated 1918 at the end of the World War) and became ancestor of half the Habsburgs living today
  • Maximilian (1895-1952), Otto's younger son, ancestor of the other half
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