Red, West and Sunsets

It seems like references to red, west and sunsets abound in the novel. It may be nothing, but, in any case, here is a list, growing as I go through the novel (feel free to contribute):

Page 41: "warped to the red end of the spectrum"

Page 59: "more Connecticut, just shifted west, was all."

Page 63: "Gusts of hot red light"

Page 86: Webb "facing west into a great flow of promise"

Page 99: "Violent red sunsets behind Pike's Peak."

Page 126: "looking through a piece of Iceland spar at the sunset"

Page 127: "stretching as to sunset...", "setting off westward [...] farther away each sunset"

Page 145: "the fire-reddened light"

Page 153: "blood reds"

Page 155: "a ruined shell of rust-red and yellowish debris"

Page 156: "south of here, and likely west as hell"

Page 164: "He nodded westward"

Page 166: "the sun declined over the blessed possibility"

Page 171: "so it went, heading west again"

Page 174: "all those mountains and sunsets", "outshining the departing sunlight"

Page 209: "The country was so red that..."

Page 210: "out of the red mud of the region."

Page 211: "what the colors of a sunset are to an ordinary sky of daytime blue."

Page 212: "heading away toward the red-rock country"

Page 214: "blood-red wall", "among tablelands and cañons and red-rock debris"

Page 243: "a somewhat more optimistic red"

Page 246: "residual sunset above the rooftops"

Pege 269: "the dirt, the blood-red dirt."

Page 281: "through sunset and into the uncertainties of night"

Page 364: "Sunsets tended to be purple firestorms, with blinding orange streaks running through"

Page 386: "a rust-colored city"

Page 394: "affording glimpses now and then of some solitary band of figures alone in the prairie toward sunset"

Page 406: "The West Gate, intended to frame equinoctial sunsets"

Page 461: "drawn west by those Pacific promises"

Page 462: "a glass of red whiskey"

Page 784: "an epidermal luminescence at the red end of the spectrum"

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