Little Nemo

Little Nemo
From January 2, 1910 until April 23rd, 1911, Little Nemo's adventures are taking place while he and his pals are travelling on an airship (blimp) - another inspiration for the Chums of Chance's means of transportation, their everlasting youth and a few of the Chums' adventures?

Here‘s some similarities found at first glance:

  • Right in the first episode of the airship adventures (January 2, 1910) Little Nemo and the Princess (King Morpheus‘ daughter) take off from Slumberland to the Northpole (ATD 9; 114) in search of Dr. Pill, whom they hope to have a remedy for King Morpheus‘ pain.
  • On February 27, 1910 they finally get close to the Pole and realize that there is no ice left on the sea just to find Dr. Pill (who is in "ice-business" by now) in some kind of a tower of Babel made out of all the arctic ice (recalling the "peak...far too regular to be the nunatak you imagine it" (ATD 139)) by his Eskimo-Workers.
  • On April 10, 1910, the airship, having arrived on the moon, descends into a crater to explore the inside of the moon (ATD 114ff) but the crater turns out to be the mouth of a snoring giant, who starts coughing because the blimp feels like a fly in his throat. Arriving on Mars on April 24, 1910 they find the planet‘s essentials, including air and words, to be owned by a Scarsdale-Vibe-type plutocrat named B Gosh.
  • On October 10, 1910, the airship crashes into Pikes Peak.
Little Nemo‘s Airship above Chicago Stockyards
  • On April 23, 1911 (the very last episode of Little Nemo‘s Airship Adventures), the airship arrives in Chicago. They fly above the "...Field Museum - the one remaining building of the 1893 fair!..." (nowadays Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry Wikipedia) and we finally get a splendid vista of the stockyards (ATD 10) complete with smokestacks and such as a finale of the Airship-Adventures of Little Nemo in Slumberland.

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