Foley Walker

"Foley walker" is a term used to indicate a sound-effects expert. Also known as a foley artist [cite]. One of the foley walker's main jobs is to add the sound of footsteps to movies where required, imitating the way the character would walk. So, a kind of 'stand-in'.

Coalhouse Walker is a major character in Doctorow's Ragtime, mentioned earlier as a book set within the same time period.

Probably a stretch: "One of the company's (i.e. Thiel‘s Detective Service Company) first employees was John F. Farley, a former U.S. Cavalry trooper. In 1885, Farley was appointed manager of Thiel's Denver office. Farley was known as the 'King of the Strikebreakers.' In 1895 Farley gave up any pretense of detective work and specialized in strike services, at one point allegedly earning $1 million from a strike in San Francisco. After a decade of strikebreaking, Farley retired—not having lost a single one of the 35 strike actions to which he had supplied personnel. Farley later became Denver's chief of police." from Wikipedia. The Denver city election results trial of 1889 invited media focus on corruption ties and payoffs between "Soapy" Smith (Criminal Boss of Denver), the mayor and Farley, the chief of police (see Note 6 in this Wikipedia entry)

This Wikipedia biography of John F. Farley, in bold above, is utter nonsense, but has spread like a virus. The writer is confusing him with the real "King of the Strikebreakers" - James "Jim" Farley, b. Malone N.Y., 1874?; d. Plattsburgh N.Y., Sept 11, 1913. James Farley was not connected to the Thiel Detective Service Company in any way. For James Farley see:

John F. Farley was appointed Chief of Police in Denver in May 1889 and served in that capacity in Denver for two spells 1889-1893, 1897-1901. He later rejoined the Thiel Detective Service Company and was still employed by them in 1914.

Colorado Springs Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Dec 27, 1889: "The diamond badge which was presented to Chief Farley of the Denver police force by a number of the leading men of that city on Tuesday night was a handsome compliment to a deserving official. Chief Farley has not been in office very long, but he has been there long enough to show the people of the city it is his duty to protect, what kind of stuff he is made of, and the diamond badge is ample evidence of the satisfactory nature of the showing made. Under the Brady-Connor regime Denver had the opportunity of experiencing all the evils of a police force managed solely for the personal gain of those at its head. Under Chief Farley the people have seen the force changed from a corrupt political machine into one of the most efficient police departments in the country. It has not been easy sailing for Farley since he entered upon his duties. He has had to face much powerful opposition and his honest endeavors have made him many enemies among those who were accustomed to use the police force for other things than protection to the city. But Farley has won the day and Denver is to be congratulated on the results."Rupertlt 14:05, 13 September 2008 (PDT)

While we're on the subject of Walkers, strike-breaking, tycoons etc., it's worth considering where the Dubya comes from.

Johnnie Walker is the paramount fluid of the usual Foley Walker typos in New York. They all drink Black Label while acting like complete assholes in front of other idiots. Talking about the same shit over and over again with no sense of direction and only speculation about numbers which only exist on paper. One big load of bullshit for the masses. Barren omnipotence, the biggest hoax of capitalism and every major financial entity in America. But in the end, they are the only ones who are granted with High Credit Lines without Obligations or Strict Requirements. They are all the same: boring, heartless, sexually lame robot heads. Scarsdale Vibe needs them to enrich his fat belly of grease.

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