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Edwin Pynchon – not known yet if this is a genuine Pynchon ancestor – appears to have invented an airship in 1893. Scroll down for link to Google Patent Search results.

This appears to be a picture of it: [1]

Here's a description: [...] The Pynchon, designed by Edwin Pynchon. National Archives Albatross 1893 = Yes, that date is correct, and this patented airborne hotel — the 747 of a century ago — is included in Aerofiles as an interesting example of the creative approach to manned flight taken by one of the early, albeit obscure, visionaries. Data unknown, but note the suitcase rollers for ground movement. [...]

[2] supplies the following links:


[4] [...] Edwin Pynchon: Air Ship November 14, 1893[...]

[5] [...] In 1993 the Library of Congress published its"FLIGHT BEFORE WRIGHT" calendar, Susan Sharp, editor: "…History also shows that, alas, pivotal accomplishments are not always immediately recognized or appreciated. For the Wright brothers, it took more than four years - from late 1903 to early 1908 - for the world to become fully aware that they had achieved sustained mechanical flight. Thus Flight before Wright in a practical sense encompasses the continuing experimentation that took place through the years leading up to 1908…" with an interesting assemblage of photographs and drawings:

[...] "Edwin Pynchon's `Albatross,' Patented November 14, 1893;" [...] 

Not airship related, but also of interest, perhaps:

Also this one, from The Laryngoscope (founded 1894)called "On the Origin of Tonsillectomy and the Dissection Method"; the Abstract mentions an "attempt to remove the entire tonsil intact was described by Edwin Pynchon in 1890 with the use of galvanocautery."

<http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0041-462X(197510)21%3A3%3C278%3ATQFP%3E2.0.CO%3B2-9> "Admirers of Dr. Schoenmaker's nose job in V. may not be surprised to learn of a Dr. Edwin Pynchon (1856-1914), who invented numerous surgical instruments..."

Google Patent Search Results for Edwin Pynchon


ADJUSTABLE CHAIR US Pat. 443197 - Filed May 27, 1886 EDWIN PYNCHON, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. ADJUSTABLE CHAIR. ... concern: Be it known that I, EDWIN PYNCHON, a citi-zen of the United States, residing at Chicago, ...

ADJUSTABLE CHAIR US Pat. 374628 - Filed October 14, 1886 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, EDWIN PYNCHON, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. ... To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, EDWIN PYNCHON, a citizen of the United ...

ADJUSTABLE CHAIR US Pat. 484571 - Filed February 24, 1888 ... , E. PYNCHON. ADJUSTABLE CHAIR. Patented Oct. 18, 1892. ...

CAR-AXLE LUBRICATOR US Pat. 357999 - Filed October 11, 1886 CAR ...

ASPIRATOR US Pat. 869262 - Filed December 10, 1906 ASPIRATOE ...

& etc. Quite the inventor, Edwin.

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