ATD Dedication, or lack thereof.

The personalized ATD ARC's (Advance Review Copy) contained a page that said "Dedication: TK" (or something close to that) but the published novel does not have a dedication, unlike Mason & Dixon ("For Melanie, and for Jackson") , Vineland ("For my mother and father"), and Gravity's Rainbow ("For Richard Farina). One wonders if Mr. Pynchon decided at the last minute not to dedicate ATD to anybody, or not to dedicate it to a particular person he may have had in mind, or maybe he just left open the opportunity not knowing if he would have a Dedication or not.

A scanned image of the "Dedication TK" page from the personalized ATD ARC would fit quite nicely here, if anybody can contribute same.

Tim sez:

It's really not necessary to scan in the "dedication" page from the galleys. It's just a plain white page with the text "Dedication TK" (in italics) which is publisher-speak for "dedication to come."

--WikiAdmin 22:47, 24 November 2006 (PST)

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