ATD The Light Over the Ranges

aeronaut: the pilot of a balloon or airship; Chicago World's Fair, 1893 and more here

cubeb: the name for the berry and for the oil obtained from the unripe berry of the East Indian climbing shrub P. cubeba. The dried fruits are sometimes used as a condiment or are ground and smoked in cigarette form as a catarrh remedy. The oil is used medicinally and also in soap manufacture. The masticated roots of kava, P. methysticum, widely grown in its native Pacific islands, are made into a beverage called kavakava, which contains soporific alkaloids. It is an integral part of religious and social life there. A preparation of kava for commerce, also called kavakava, is sold widely as an herbal remedy for anxiety and insomnia. -- From The Free Dictionary

Keeley Cure: Devised by Leslie Keeley, this was a proprietary system of treatment for the alcohol and opium habits. The Keeley Cure was a forerunner of certain measures adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous. Relying heavily on injections of Bichloride of Gold (a chemical impossibility), it was so well-known in its day that several popular songs, such as an Irish comic song, entitled "The Keeley Cure," parodied it unmercifully. More on Wikipedia

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