ATD - Translations

a l'étouffée
29; French: "pan-fried"

47; German; "pastry-depravity"; this is not really a german word as far as I know and most likely not even a degenerate Habsburg will have used it (but then i havent read Franz Ferdinands account of his travels...). Sounds more like some babelfish automatic translation of "pastry-depravity" to me. I wonder what the german translator will make of this. My guess is, s/he will not make a "typical german" combined noun out of it, but turn the phrase to be able to use an adverb like "mehlspeisennarrisch" instead (what with in Austria and Bavaria there is a word for (mostly sweet) pastry: "Mehlspeise" (literally "flour-meal), and "narrisch" is Austrian/Viennese for being (slightly) mad). But then, of course, there might be a pun/deeper sense intended I as a bad english-speaker just dont get. Maybe via the pronounciation? Check out this dictionary, head for "continue searching" and press "voice output" - voila, thats what "Kuchenteigs-Verderbtheit" sounds like.

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