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Voyd is the hydrojet that reads art is not speculation only theory in the lower end...

Against the Day is an introspective stream-of-consciousness where characters fluctuate with the objective mind of the reader so that every plot in the story is recreated accordingly with the subconscious psyche of the author. It’s multifaceted ‘dreamlike~architectural’ narrative will elevate the individual’s sensorial experience during the monumental span of reading the novel while achieving oneness within a unified cosmic field. (Me)

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January 21, 2008

ok... chapter 1 completed... the Merle Rideout pages... surreal... heartbreaking... at the moment i am rethinking chapter 1 before doing chapter 2... i will be adding new stuff to the pynchon's wiki very soon... Merle's journey did really hit me hard... can't wait for Iceland Spar...

Final Lines of Chapter 1

Magic spiral ~ orbital swirl ~ ~ Exit entrance ~ ~

January 24, 2008

It's like fucking awesome! Iceland Spar here we go... SEX

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