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==page 86 Interpretation==
On page 86, the first full sentence ("IN THE BROKEN AND SOON-ENOUGH-INTERUPTED...THE STARS THEY REMEMBERED FROM YOUNGER TIMES.") seems to say Webb is having some sort of dream predicting the future. The imagery of smoke rising from the east (the direction of Europe in relation to America), the part about a sacrifice whose smoke is not bound for Heaven, as well as the use of the word stars, for some reason seems to allude to the Holocaust in my mind. The word Holocaust itself is a word which some Jews do not like to use in reference to what Hitler did because the true meaning of the word is a holy sacrifice, preferring instead the word Shoah.
stew312856 21:09, 25 March 2011 (EST)

==page 95 interpretation==
I think this interpretation is too long. The first part is reader response "this moved me" and the second paragraph is justification. The length makes it difficult to discuss without cluttering up the page. I would suggest a shortened version:
"This sentence raises the spectre of modern suicide bombers. Pynchon reminds us about the history of suicide bombers in America. (A citation to that would be nice.)"
Phrasing it that way leaves plenty of room for someone else to write a response of similar length, assuring that the wiki remains useful for all users.
Ahpsp 16:23, 29 November 2006 (PST)

I totally agree, and I've mentioned that entries on the alpha index and the page-by-page should be brief, say no longer than 7-8 lines; if you want to go longer, be brief and create an article and a link to the article, natch...

WikiAdmin 16:34, 29 November 2006 (PST)

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