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492; Having a light complexion and light hair. (Scandinavian)

113; Executive Officer


128; In Norse mythology, Ymir was the founder of the race of frost giants and an important figure in Norse cosmology. He formed from the ice of Niflheim, where it met with Muspel's heat and melted. Giants came forth from Ymir's body while he slept. His legs spawned a man and a woman, who came out of his body through the armpits.

The cow Audumla had four udders of milk which fed Ymir. Audumla licked hoar frost and salt from ice, eventually forming Buri, who then fathered Bor, father of Odin, Vili and Ve.

Odin and his brothers killed Ymir. Only two giants survived the flood of Ymir's blood: Ymir's grandson, Bergelmir (son of Thrudgelmir), and his wife. Odin and his brothers used the body to create earth. His flesh filled Ginnungagap; his hair became trees; his eyebrow became Midgard; his bones became mountains; his teeth and bone fragments became stones; his blood became lakes and seas. Ymir's skull became the sky, with four dwarves holding it up. Maggots from his flesh became the race of dwarves.

His name is cognate to Yama of Hinduism. From LaborLawTalk -- really!

Yenisei watershed

133; The Ynglinga saga was originally written in Old Norse by the Icelandic poet Snorri Sturluson about 1225. He based it on an earlier Ynglingatal which is attributed to the Norwegian 9th century skald Þjóðólfr of Hvinir, and which also appears in Historia Norwegiae.Wikipedia entry; The Full Text

Young Turks
830; "gang [of] puritanical old busybodies"; a coalition of various reform groups in favor of reforming the administration of Ottoman Empire. Their movement brought about the second constitutional era through a Young Turk Revolution against the monarchy of Sultan Abdul Hamid II; 843; Wikipedia entry

Young, Will
490; See Chisholm, Grace

Yutts, Clovis
179; KKK member; "Yutz" is a Yiddish word meaning a hapless, clueless, annoying socially clumsy guy.

714; woman in Vienna;

931; French: "the baths at Yz"; "the Anarchist spa of Yz-les-Bains, hidden near the foothills of the Pyrenees, among steep hillsides"; "one of the few places on the continent of Europe where a sober Anarchist could find a decent Crocodile — equal amounts of rum, absinthe, and the grape spirits known as trois-six" 941; Perhaps an oblique reference to Aix-les-Bains (pronounced "Ex" - get it?); , a spa town of eastern France, near the Lac du Bourget, and 9 km. by rail N. of Chambéry.


952; Tesla rig in Sofia

Zaharoff, Basil
557; at Ostend; "noted death merchant" 899;

840; Danilo's friend

957; Zalmoxis was a legendary social and religious reformer, and (possibly) Pythagorean disciple, regarded as the only true god by the Thracian Dacians (aka the Getae). According to Herodotus, the Getae, who believed in the immortality of the soul, looked upon death merely as going to Zalmoxis, as they knew the way to become immortals. Wikipedia entry

708; Theign's half-invented "local operative" in Venice

Zapata, Emiliano (1879-1919)
983; Emiliano Zapata Salazar (1879-1919) was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, which broke out in 1910, and which was initially directed against the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. He formed and commanded an important revolutionary force, the Liberation Army of the South. Wikipedia entry

81; Webb Traverse's colt

Zen, Carlo (1851-1918)
867; Italian designer and cabinet-maker, in the Art Nouveau style. Some of his decorations suggest the strong influence of continental symbolism, while other objects reveal a keen awareness of geometric simplification. Zen is from a very old patrician Venetian family (Zeno, Zeneno, Geno).

697; "headquarters of the [...] New Uskok movement;

Zermelo's Axiom of Choice

"a sub-zero-degrees version of Hell," 41; 185; 243; converging to, 589; 592; 594; 713;

Zeta-function problem
Also known as the Riemann hypothesis.
Riemann, 496; 498; 594;

589; 619;

Zhao, Dr.
996; acupuncturist and Turnstone's partner in San Antonio, Texas

949; Gabrovo Slim's wife

Zhukovsky's Transformation
603; 1069;

Zilberfeld, Yitzhak
165; Zionist agent in Eastern Africa with his theory about Anti-Semitism

131; 165;

18; member of the Bindlestiffs of the Blue A.C.

755; Russian in Hotel Tarim


Zöllner, K. F.

463; vampirish, from Hungary, "drives a Werner"

Zombini, Bria
351; Luca's and Erlys's daughter; 574; back in Venice, 583; "back east pursuing an international banking career" 1045;

Zombini, Cici
352; Luca's and Erlys's son and "coin specialist"; elephant trick, 569; playing one of the Li'l Jailbirds, Dou Ya, 1047;

Zombini, Concetta
352; Luca's and Erlys's baby daughter;

Zombini, Dominic
352; Luca's and Erlys's son;

Zombini, Elijah
570; Negro ancestor and master chef

Zombini, Luca "The Mysterious"

The Great Zombini & his lovely assistant Viv
For what it's worth, it seems The Great Zombini and Viv was a doll set sold exclusively at Tower Records. Some text (from this ebay auction page) that was apparently part of the dolls' snazzy coffin-shaped packaging reads as follows:
The Great Zombini has a trick for you all,
His lovely assistant split by the blade of his saw.
The crowd had gathered to see a trick,
But Zombini opted to make them sick.
As his assistant lies trapped in a box, afraid,
He severs her body with the cut of his blade.

→In an Episod of Tales from the Crypt (season 5, ep. 4 - 1993), one finds a circus artist named Zombini able to control people's minds. His assistant, Connie, falls in love with a fire eater… Infos can be found (in french, at least), here: (Claro, french translator of AtD)

28; ran away with Merle Rideout's wife, Erlys; 57; 67; in Venice with entire family, 568; living with Erlys in Santa Monica, 1045;

Zombini, Lucia
352; Luca's and Erlys's daughter;

Zombini, Niccolo
569; ancestor - 17th century Venetian apprenticed to mirror-makers

Zombini, Nunzi
352; Luca's and Erlys's son; 1046;

zone of dual nature
633; at Museum der Monstrositäten;

Zone of Emergency
125; 139;

Zoot, Dr.
402; and his time machine; 407

Zoppo, Marco
726; painter of Sack of Rome, under water

702; her salon in Vienna;

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