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87; Anarchist martyr

Valentiner, Max
1074; U-boat captain;

Valley Tan
180; a brand of patent medicines that were produced in Salt Lake City at the Valley Tan Remedies (V.T.R.) Laboratory beginning in 1884. A brief profile of the company can be found at this website. (PDF)

Vámos, Mihály
951; "former hill-climbing champion on the Hungarian circuit" and with R.U.S.H.

153; Alonzo Meatman and associates "'don't like to cross running water,'" 405; Zoltan, 463; network in Buda-Pesth, 713;

Vamplet, Miss Oomie
349; singer at R. W. Vibe's party who played Kate Chase Sprague in Roscoe Conkling;

Vanderjuice, Professor Heino
6; old friend of the Chums of Chance, of New Haven, and inventor of the Screw, an aerial-propulsion device for augmenting the cruising speed of the Inconvenience; of Yale University, 29; 52; and Merle Rideout, 58; 355; at First International Conference on Time-Travel, 407; 571; in Tierra del Fuego, 793; in Lwów with Kit, 1078;

161; Edwarda Vibe's maid

Vasquez, Sargeant Amparo
380; at Guanajuanto hoosegow;

Vázquez, Emilio
982; "disaffected ex-minister" who had fled to Texas; Emilio Vázquez Gómez (1888-1913) was an anti-Madero figure. See page annotation...

156; In mathematics, a vector space (or linear space) is a collection of objects (called vectors) that, informally speaking, may be scaled and added. More formally, a vector space is a set on which two operations, called (vector) addition and (scalar) multiplication, are defined and satisfy certain natural axioms. Vector spaces are the basic objects of study in linear algebra, and are used throughout mathematics, science, and engineering. 158; 165; vectorists, 534; and Monotony, 560; "in five dimensions" 675; Wikipedia entry

97; Urban Dictionary entry

See Rautavaara, Veikko

140; A caul or veil (Latin: Caput galeatum) is a thin, filmy membrane, the remnants of the amniotic sac, that covers or partly covers the newborn mammal immediately after birth. The Caul were even sold durning Greek and Roman times to statemen, for it was believed to wear one would bring wisdom, honor, truth,and pyschic powers and protection against evil. In Icelandic tradition, the caul is associated with a guardian spirit called a fylgja. This fylgja can take many forms after birth, including an animal, an inanimate object (such as a cloak), or another human being, and often serves as a kind of warning against potential danger. It is a very old idea that a child born with a caul over its face will be endowed with special powers or gifts.

817; Velebit is the largest though not the highest mountain in Croatia. Its highest peak is the Vaganski Vrh at 1757 m. Wikipedia entry

"Velvet" drink
682; "horrible combination of porter and Champagne";

Venedig in Wien
Venedig in Wien

717; In May 1895, the large entertainment park "Venice in Vienna" opened in the Viennese Prater. Entrepreneur Gabor Steiner and architect Oskar Marmorek provided gondolas on artificial channels, cafés, restaurants, Verkaufsbuden and also a Operettenbühne.

345; friend of Katie's; 347;

839; Danilo's sister who sings "in a hasheesh joint down in the Bara"

Veta Madre
306;The "Mother Lode" of Mexico [1] in Guanajuato

Vibe, Colfax
157; son of Scarsdale Vibe, at Yale; 325; minor league pitcher married to a barmaid from Oakland, 789; in Torino in 1917, 1073;

Vibe, Cragmont
159; son of Scarsdale Vibe

Vibe, Dittany
160; niece of Scarsdale Vibe, at Mt. Holyoke;

Vibe, Edwarda Beef
160; wife of Scarsdale Vibe

Vibe, Fleetwood
130; son of Scarsdale Vibe; Journals, 138-148; 159; to South Africa, 168; in Siberia, 789

Vibe, R. Wilshire
161; Scarsdale's younger brother and opera composer; "restless impresario" in New York City, 340; "Shanghai Scampers - "his next project" 340; African Antics, "coon revue" 344; his pad, 348; 505; staging Dimples aka Fossettes l'Enflammeuse, 1066; in London producing Wogs Begin at Wigan and Roguish Redheads, 898;

Vibe, Scarsdale
31; The village of Scarsdale, New York, is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Thus, the "Scarsdale vibe" would be an aura of wealth, appropriately; financing Tesla in Colorado Springs, 31; "Wealth", 99; Foley Walker as Scarsdale's Civil War Substitute, resulting in "The Twin Vibes", 100-102; financing the Vormance Expedition, 130; manor on Long Island, 159; coveting his enemies' bloodline, 332; "Smite early and often" 333; in Europe headed for Venice to buy Renaissance art, 657, 669; and Foley Walker in Venice, 724;

775; Young Vic, aka Queen Victoria I

Vicker, Morty
63; saloon owner in Cleveland

video games
Chinese Enigmata, 755;

Villa, Francisco "Pancho" (1878-1923)
983; one of the foremost leaders of the Mexican Revolution and provisional governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua in 1913 and 1914. Villa mostly operated in the northern theatre of the war, centering on Chihuahua, in the north of Mexico. Villa is often referred to as El centauro del norte (The Centaur of the North), due to his celebrated cavalry attacks as a general. Wikipedia entry

Villa, Gaston
"and His Bughouse Bandaleros" 374;

667; Russian card-game, similar to both bridge and whist and it is sometimes referred to as Russian whist. Vint means a screw in Russian, and the name is given to the game because the four players, each in turn, propose, bid and overbid each other until one, having bid higher than the others care to follow, makes the trump, his vis-d-vis becoming his partner; Wikipedia entry


"Vitaï Lampada"
236, 813, 893; an 1898 poem by Sir Henry Newbolt; text.

"vivid magenta," 26; "vivid cream," 129; "vivid, unmistakable turquoise," 236; "vivid red," 297; "orange Tiffany orchid brooches vivid as flames," 348;

See Clissan, Vlado

564; exclamation: go away!

vol à voile
14; French: gliding (as in hang gliders)

761; "obsessed by jade" in Tamaklakan, Col. Prokladka and his shopmates' colleague; Auberon Halfcourt's "Russian colleage" 974;

von Arendtschildt
661; Hannoverian army under...;

von Flies
661; at Langensalza

von Krafft-Ebing, Baron
544; hat fetishism; Wikipedia entry

von Quassel, Güther
596; "wealthy coffee scion" and Yashmeen's boyfriend; inhabits "his own idiomatic 'frame of reference'" 599; aka "El Atildado" in Mexico, with Frank Traverse, 637; in Mexico City, 986;

von Sanders, Liman (1855-1929)
967; a German general who served as adviser and military commander for the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Wikipedia entry

von Schlieffen

von Waltershausen, Baron
661; professor at Göttingen;

Vormance, Dr. Alden
114; commander of the schooner Étienne-Louis Malus, engaged on an expedition to the Arctic; "on sabbatical from Candlebrow University, where he ordinarily headed the Department of Mineralogy" 130; "The scientists of the Vormance Expedition had continued to believe it was a meteorite they were bringing back, like Peary and other recent heroes of science" 149; "Word was about that Alden Vormance was getting up a party to go north and recover a meteorite" 170;

707; Russian airship surveillance program, referring to the Bol'shaia Igra, Padzy's airship

Vumb, Major B. F.
807; creator of Map of Austro-Hungary, "Royal Engineers, 1901"

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