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Hi Mark,

I just noticed that you nuked some edits on I did to AtD Pages 26-56, linking between two references. Please let me know why you did this?

Thanks. WikiAdmin 23:50, 19 March 2007 (PDT)

Dear Wiki Administrator,

This was some kind of accident.....I did not intend, never intend, to delete anything that Administrators write....and, although I have nuked a few things from others that seemed refuted by later discoverers, including me, I almost always just write my opinions after others with whom I might not agree.

I think my entry accident comes from not leaving enough white space when I paste something.....the wiki does not seem to endlessly expand that way as on e-mails.....

I am trying to be near perfect.

Thank You, Mark Kohut

Dear Wiki Administrator,

I just added a note to the Cosmo entry about the Cosmo in Mason & Dixon and I do not know how to italicize the book's title, which I think is the proper formatting....usual way to italicize is not working for me...I will erase it if necessary.

Thank You, Mark K.


Regarding Philolaus. I'll give you a short answer. He taught that the world is divided into "limiteds" and "unlimited." Limited were numbers and edges; unlimiteds included air, earth, water, sound, space and time. He also taught that the earth revolved around a central fire that was conjoined with the limited geometric shape of the circle to create the sun. The perfect combination of limited and unlimited produced "harmony" and he thought of harmony as soul. It's interesting that later down that same page, TRP brings up the Harmonica band again.

In researching more on Philolaus, I found a book on the Pythagoreans and a cursory look revealed that I may have had them all wrong. They appear to have been an secretive aristocratic oligarchy. They did not trust the common man. In fact, the bean ban may have been a ban on democratic elections -- since beans were used in the election process. So they appear to be anti-democratic and elitist. I feel I have to dive deep into what is known about Philolaus and the Pythagoreans before I can add anything more to the entries. In some ways, it seems to parallel the Chums of Chance -- are they "good guys" or are they working for the current powerstructure? The whole thing has suddenly become very complex.

You can call me "Sid"

Hi Mark,

RE Pokler in GR -- it's been about a decade since I last read GR. I'll try to research it over the weekend and get back to you. -- Scott


Regarding the Noctical posting. Something was gnawing at me regarding the name of this group. I first wanted to confirm what I thought was the case, that noctical derives from night -- as in equinox, equinoctical. In researching that, I came across the D&D posting. I posted it here because TRP is well known for picking things up from all sorts of places, and D&D seems a prime place for him to borrow ideas. I was taken with the description of the Nocticals -- and while I haven't mapped it directly to the events that follow the recovery of the Figure from under the ice, to my mind, it offered some very vivid imagery that added to the flavor of the apolocypse that The Transnoctical Group knowingly or unknowingly imported into the City -- which I'm not clear on is NYC or DC. That was my thinking. If you think it is not revelant please feel free to edit or delete that entry -- no problem.

BTW, I moved recently and my copy of GR is still in one of many book boxes in the garage. Sorry I didn't get back to you as I said I would. It may take awhile.

Sid. --- Hi Mark,

Thanks for the Eclipse mine comment, and thanks for posting the von Braun immortality passage to the GR page. Are you reading all of TRP's works at the same time or what? You're a busy man! -- Sid

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