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Here are links to some resources/FAQs to help with creating and editing pages.

Some editing tips:

  • To create a page: First, check to see if an article already exists for the subject you'd like to create a page for, by clicking "List All Pages" in the left nav. If a page on your subject doesn't exist, in the "Search" field on the left, enter the title for your new page (Remember that this will show as the title of your new page), and click "Go". You'll get a "There is no page titled "Name You Searched". You can create this page. Click on "create this page" and then add your content, preview until it looks right, then save.
  • To rename a page you have created, click the "Move" tab at the top and follow through.
  • To delete a page, use the delete tab at the top. Please only delete pages you have created.
  • To upload an image, click the image icon above the editing screen. This will place a "[[Image:Example.jpg]]" on the page. After you've saved the page, click on the link the image tag creates and you'll be brought to a screen where you can upload your image. The syntax for embedding the image is: [[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|Caption|right]], where each parameter is separated by a "pipe" and: "imagename" is replaced by the image name (duh) with either .jpg, .gif or .png appended depending on the file type; thumb stays as is; write a brief caption to replace "Caption"; align the image using "left" or "right".

Page editing/creating resources

Other stuff

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