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Wiki-newbie here, not knowing what to do and asking for advice:

I in fact had a little trouble to find the entry on Franz Ferdinand in the alphabetical index. momentarily he is listed as "Ferdinand, Francis", like "Ferdinand" would be the surname (like in Pynchon, Thomas). Correct listing like this would probably mean to move it to "H": Habsburg-Lothringen, Franz Ferdinand Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria or even "V": von Habsburg-Lothringen, Franz Ferdinand etc.. Or - argh! another surname/title in use - "A" "Austria-Este, Franz Ferdinand etc. of". My suggestion would be to either move it to "A" as "Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este" (like on Wikipedia) or - preferably, as he is termed F.F. in the dossier - in "F" but a bit further down as "Francis (Franz) Ferdinand" (dont know why Pynchon felt it appropriate to make it Francis instead of Franz). Any better suggestions?

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